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Smith Investment Management is an independent advisory firm | Smith Investment Management

David Smith

Dave Smith, Founder and Chief Invest­ment Officer


Who is Smith Invest­ment Management?

Smith Invest­ment Man­age­ment was founded by Dave Smith. He has over 25 years of expe­ri­ence in man­ag­ing the invest­ments of Indi­vid­u­als, Fam­i­lies, Cor­po­ra­tions and Non-Profits. Prior to found­ing his Invest­ment Advi­sory Firm in 2006, “Dave” (David) worked at the firms of Dean Wit­ter, Bank of Amer­ica, and Edward Jones. He man­ages money in both tra­di­tional and non-traditional ways.

How is Smith Invest­ment Man­age­ment different?

  • We embrace sim­plic­ity: we believe that some of the old and for­got­ten sim­ple solu­tions of the past are the answers to today’s very com­plex prob­lems. So we reject inter­est­ing ideas that are too com­plex. Com­plex­ity fails under pres­sure, brings an illu­sion of pre­ci­sion, and we would rather be approx­i­mately right than pre­cisely wrong.
  • We use Bank Trust Cus­tody for invest­ments: mean­ing that we have our clients invest­ments held at a Bank, on their Trust Plat­form. Less than 1% of Invest­ment Advi­sors and Bro­kers do this. We will not take on any busi­ness that wants to stay on a Bro­ker­age Firm Plat­form long term. This is very impor­tant to us because we don’t want the risks of “Street Name” and “Rehy­potho­ca­tion” for our clients. Also, we do not believe in the false safety valve of “SIPC”, and “Excess SIPC”.  If you are not aware of these risks, ask us for our report called “Risks From Hold­ing Your Invest­ments In a Bro­ker­age Account”.
  • We avoid pack­aged prod­ucts: we seek to avoid using Mutual Funds, UIT’s, ETF’s. We seek to avoid the counter party risks with these pack­aged products…which include deriv­a­tives, buy­ing on mar­gin, and lend­ing securities.
  • We buy phys­i­cal Gold and Sil­ver: because of the risks to the US dol­lar, from US Government’s debt and lia­bil­i­ties, and the debase­ment of our currency.
  • We don’t fol­low the crowd: we do not feel com­pelled to do what oth­ers are doing sim­ply because a par­tic­u­lar invest­ment or strat­egy is pop­u­lar. We know that we are nei­ther right nor wrong if oth­ers dis­agree with our actions. If we are right, it is because our facts and rea­son­ing are cor­rect, and not because we are doing the pop­u­lar thing.

Our Rela­tion­ship Philosophy

  • We seek always to treat our clients as we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed.
  • We endeavor to speak the unvar­nished truth as we under­stand it.
  • We believe we are a fit for indi­vid­u­als and fam­i­lies that desire invest­ment man­age­ment that reflects today’s unique eco­nomic prob­lems. We are also an excel­lent fit for cor­po­rate pen­sion plans, endow­ments and char­i­ta­ble foun­da­tions that need to cus­tody their invest­ments on a Bank Trust Plat­form.

Strat­egy & Tactics

  • Much of our invest­ment focus is on Gold and Sil­ver, Stocks with high intrin­sic value, and Real Assets.  We don’t like the long term direc­tion of the US Dol­lar. The Fed­eral Reserve has printed a tremen­dous num­ber of “claim checks” (also known as US Dol­lars) against our coun­tries assets. Long term we would rather own the assets than hold the “claim checks”.
  • We seek to build port­fo­lios that bal­ance oppor­tu­ni­ties and risks.
  • We believe earn­ings yields mat­ter greatly. We seek to buy earn­ings as cheap as possible.
  • We believe you can’t make a good deal with bad peo­ple. We look for man­age­ment that exhibits integrity, intel­li­gence and energy.

Our port­fo­lios may include

Gold & Sil­ver – Phys­i­cal Gold and Phys­i­cal Silver.

Cash – US, Cana­dian, and Aus­tralian Cash.

Bonds – US, Cana­dian, and Aus­tralian Bonds.

Stocks – Shares of Cor­po­ra­tions that have high intrin­sic value.

Real Assets – Veg­etable & Grain Farm­land, and Oil and Gas Roy­alty Trusts

Should You Be Doing Busi­ness With Us?